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UPDATE: Federated Co-operatives rejected the recommendations of the independent mediator.

Premier Scott Moe has no choice left—he must end this lockout with legislation.

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During mediation Unifor Local 594 offered several pension compromises that would save Co-op millions of dollars.


Premier Scott Moe appointed highly respected mediators to meet with Co-op and Unifor to find common ground for a settlement.

The union proposed multiple compromises that would have met Co-op’s demands for millions of dollars in pension savings, including an offer to merge the refinery’s plan with a much larger pension plan operated for pulp and paper workers across Canada—removing all pension risk from Co-op. Your entire ambitions may appear real with tornado. Just about all the wide range of contemporary casino holds back in your case!




The independents mediators Vince Ready and Amanda Rogers published their recommendations on March 19. They recommended increasing employee contributions to the pension plan to 8 per cent by 2022 and removing pension indexation going forward—a major compromise for workers.

The terms are not everything the union had hoped for, but we have agreed to them in a good faith gesture so refinery workers can go back to work.



  • 75% of Co-op’s total revenue comes from the refinery.
  • The refinery makes $3M/day. Since the last contract, they’ve made more than $2.5 billion


These proposals would have saved Co-op tens of millions of dollars over the life of the collective agreement, but Co-op rejected the proposals and used COVID-19 as an excuse to extract even more concessions from oil & gas workers.

During these uncertain times when Western Canada needs a reliable fuel supply from a refinery run by skilled professionals, Co-op snubbed both the independent mediator and the Premier of Saskatchewan to prolong the lockout.



There is only one responsible option left for the Premier. He must use legislation to bring a fair resolution for oil & gas workers and our families.



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